abunda in a sentence

  1. The campaign was supported by TV personalities Boy Abunda and Atty.
  2. The jury is composed of Boy Abunda, Gloria Diaz and Laurenti Dyogi.
  3. The awards night was hosted by Lorna Tolentino, Boy Abunda and Piolo Pascual.
  4. With the two hosts departure, Abunda hinted that the program will be undergoing changes.
  5. He is currently managed by Boy Abunda.
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  7. The original hosts of SNN reunited in the new show called Aquino & Abunda Tonight.
  8. The music video also featured Boy Abunda.
  9. The ceremony was hosted by Boy Abunda, Pops Fernandez, Ara Mina at Lorna Tolentino.
  10. He was substituted by Boy Abunda.
  11. She joined Boy Abunda in the late night talk show " Show & Tell ".
  12. On September 9, 2011, SNN aired its final broadcast as Boy Abunda will now join Bandila.
  13. En tercer lugar, en America Latina abunda la energia barata gracias a gigantes petroleros como Venezuela y Mexico.
  14. She also appeared in the showbiz talk show The Buzz, with main hosts Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino.
  15. Maria and jury members Boy Abunda, Gloria Diaz and Laurenti Dyogi reprised their roles for the second season.
  16. She confirmed this during the April 5 live episode of her evening show " Aquino and Abunda Tonight ".
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