absorption and scattering in a sentence

  1. In general, light absorption and scattering decreases with increasing wavelength.
  2. It is also reduced by atmospheric absorption and scattering.
  3. This attenuates it ( by absorption and scattering ) further reducing insolation at the surface.
  4. The reason open ocean waters often appear blue is due to the absorption and scattering of light.
  5. While very effective in the visible spectrum, cool phosphorus smoke has only low absorption and scattering in infrared wavelengths.
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  7. How deep this is depends on the absorption and scattering properties of both the water itself and other constituents in the water.
  8. The water is seldom optimally clear, and the dissolved and suspended matter can reduce visibility by both absorption and scattering of light.
  9. Depth of penetration is related to the absorption and scattering of light, which is primarily a function of the wavelength of the excitation source.
  10. The apparent blue color of veins in skin is a common example where both spectral absorption and scattering play important and complex roles in the coloration.
  11. For monochromatic incident waves the self-consistent solution for the oscillating dipole moments may be found; from these the absorption and scattering cross sections are computed.
  12. The absorption and scattering characteristics of a water body determine the rate of vertical light attenuation and set a limit to the depths contributing to a satellite signal.
  13. Since the pygmy marmoset is often found in the rain forest, plant life, and the humid atmosphere, add to the normal absorption and scattering of sound.
  14. This equation separates the losses in a laser into localised losses due to the mirrors, over which the experimenter has control, and distributed losses such as absorption and scattering.
  15. The inherent spatial separation of these subunits causes the formation of grains, which are visible by the unaided eye due to the light absorption and scattering properties of the material.
  16. In addition to the signal being susceptible to absorption and scattering by moisture, the signal is similarly impacted by the presence of trees and other vegetation in the path of the signal.
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