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  1. Glomalin gives soil its tilth ( texture ), buoyancy and water absorption ability.
  2. The weapon is eventually defeated thanks to Rogue's power-absorption abilities, now supercharged due to Strain 88.
  3. When Mimic copied Michael's absorption ability, the two of them were able to completely neutralize X-Man.
  4. Most manufacturers improved the units'shock absorption ability.
  5. Vulcan's absorption abilities, though vast, have limits.
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  7. These whips move according to his mental command and can greatly increase the distance of his absorption ability.
  8. After being forced to join the Weapon X Program once again, North's kinetic absorption ability is artificially mutated further.
  9. Materials susceptible to this process exhibit a marked decrease in their energy absorption ability before fracture in the presence of hydrogen.
  10. The presence of the virus has allowed him at times to cheat death and to demonstrate techno-organic shapeshifting, transmode infection, and life-absorption abilities.
  11. Rogue's absorption abilities are very strong in this series, which nearly drive her insane, but prove vital in the final attack against Apocalypse.
  12. In Part 2, Angela realizes that Claire's son Nathan has power absorption abilities and absorbed Claire's powers, resulting in her permanent death in childbirth.
  13. To prove her point and to demonstrate Mark's energy absorption abilities, Sun Girl shoots the distressed young man, to the shock of Justice and Speedball.
  14. However, after contracting the Legacy Virus, his kinetic absorption ability is dramatically reduced in efficiency and his healing factor burns itself out while fighting the virus.
  15. After the virus claims his life and he is resuscitated by Elena Ivanova, the Legacy Virus immediately goes into remission and his kinetic absorption ability mutates.
  16. When Hiro attempts to transport them to Geneva, he discovers his power is gone and Angela realizes that Nathan has power absorption abilities similar to Arthur and Peter.
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