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  1. The hue represents the complex argument, the luminance represents the absolute value.
  2. In that case, the absolute value of the complex number is Rayleigh-distributed.
  3. Additionally, the absolute value function induces the following isomorphisms of topological groups:
  4. When and, the absolute value of the last integral is smaller than.
  5. Solving for the absolute value of & thinsp; gives the claim.
  6. It's difficult to find absolute value in a sentence.
  7. argument of exp ( ), the luminance represents its absolute value.
  8. by the triangle inequality, since each summand has absolute value 1.
  9. The normalization diminishes the absolute values of the functions considerably but not universally.
  10. Thus as elasticity surpasses one absolute value, revenues begin to fall.
  11. Absolute values of potentials are not physically observable, only gradients are.
  12. In this case the term " valuation " means " absolute value ".
  13. The transformation is unique up to a multiplicative factor of absolute value 1.
  14. "Looking around, I can't see much absolute value left in many global markets.
  15. In all three films, everything has a price, but nothing has absolute value.
  16. These matrices all have a determinant whose absolute value is unity.
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