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  1. This type of bed requires less extraction with greater absolute vacuum.
  2. An absolute vacuum is about 30 inches of mercury ( 760 Torr ), depending on atmospheric conditions.
  3. The writer himself called it " the first novel which takes place in an absolute vacuum ".
  4. :At constant speed in an absolute vacuum and all other things being equal, none I can think of.
  5. An absolute vacuum produces a pressure difference of one atmosphere, approximately 14 psi, over the surface of the glass.
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  7. "The thing that has appalled me is the absolute vacuum of moral leadership, " said Hiram Butler, an art dealer in Houston.
  8. If the millions of other stars are also ejecting ions, as is undoubtedly true, no absolute vacuum can exist within the galaxy ."
  9. What vacuums are the most approximate to the absolute vacuum, it is a liquid vacuum or gas vacuum ?-- talk ) 08 : 42, 25 March 2015 ( UTC)
  10. Currently, the meter is defined as the length of the path travelled by light in absolute vacuum during a time interval of 1 / 299, 792, 458 of a second.
  11. :: : Sublimation of solids at near absolute vacuum become a significant factor when discussion the heat death scenario of the end of the universe . talk ) 07 : 54, 26 November 2013 ( UTC)
  12. Most of the pressure in our vessels comes from the integrity of those vessels themselves; if we put our bodies in an absolute vacuum, and measured the blood pressure by the standard method, we would not find a pressure of 800 + mmHg.

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