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  1. Absolute gravimeters measure the local gravity in absolute units, gals.
  2. Absolute units such as " picoseconds " are more common in microprocessor applications.
  3. The decibel unit can also be combined with a suffix to create an absolute unit of electric power.
  4. This was particularly evident where it removed the need to set sizes in absolute units such as pixels.
  5. Flux & Zoom requires the absolute units of pixels or points and cannot use relative units of percentages.
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  7. Unlike other assays, this test provides quantitative measurements of allergen levels in food products in absolute units.
  8. Since it is referenced to the watt, it is an absolute unit, used when measuring absolute power.
  9. Those units were known as absolute units and so the equivalent of the statohm was the abohm and their proportions were:
  10. It is important to use the same absolute units for T and T c as well as for P and P c.
  11. If the instrument is designed to measure the spectrum in absolute units rather than relative units, then it is typically called a spectrophotometer.
  12. Also, LDI provides a direct measure of vasocongestion and has an absolute unit of measurement, consisting of flux or units of blood flow.
  13. The following statement taken from the article dBm seems incorect, " Since it is referenced to the watt, it is an absolute unit, used when measuring absolute power.
  14. In fact he was unable to derive a logical contradiction and instead derived many non-intuitive results; for example that triangles have a maximum finite area and that there is an absolute unit of length.
  15. You can set the height or width of boxes " in terms of the number of rows or columns of boxes they match " but not in absolute units or even in lines of text.
  16. For instance, temperature was originally a number only up to any monotone transformation, but the development of the ideal-gas-thermometry led to transformations in which the absolute zero and absolute unit were missing.
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