absolute uncertainty in a sentence

"absolute uncertainty" in Chinese  
  1. "Absolute uncertainty for such prisoners can be compared to torture, " he said.
  2. Absolute uncertainty, " said Yevgeny Yasin, a former economics minister.
  3. His distinguishing mark, he added, is " an absolute uncertainty about almost everything ."
  4. where is the absolute uncertainty on our measurement of.
  5. Given the strong absolute uncertainty, another measure has a common interval within the confidence interval.
  6. It's difficult to find absolute uncertainty in a sentence.
  7. My absolute uncertainty about this has always restrained my usual judgmentalism when it comes to parents who try to hoist their children up on their shoulders, over the fence, onto greener pastures.
  8. Using this, the student also concluded the negative control was a failure and then went on to analyze the rest of their results without discussing the possibility that their data for the negative control didn't support their conclusion when absolute uncertainty was considered ( or the fact they have very limited data to begin with, but this is a FRESHMAN level undergraduate bio class ).

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