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  1. They play with glowing sound, precision of intonation, absolute unanimity of impulse and rare commitment ."
  2. "Consensus is highly desirable, but it need not mean waiting for absolute unanimity on every sub-clause among 189 member states, " he said.
  3. But this view has the weakness that, with a constitution, there will be less of the kind of decision-making that always requires absolute unanimity among member countries.
  4. "Running code " means that it undertakes only projects demonstrated to be practical; " rough consensus " means that, since absolute unanimity is not required among its executive committee, its proposals have fewer features added to quiet noisy individuals.
  5. DeLauro said " there were differences around the specific language with regard to Iraq but absolute unanimity about the failure of George Bush's foreign policy . " She acknowledged " lengthy conversations " with antiwar activists who supported presidential candidate Representative Dennis J . Kucinich and who were pushing for sharper language.
  6. It's difficult to find absolute unanimity in a sentence.
  7. During 2006 two University of Wisconsin Madison employees, one a Vietnam veteran, began an in-depth survey of hundreds of Vietnam veterans, and found that " We Gotta Get out of This Place " had resonated the strongest among all the music popular then : " We had absolute unanimity is this song being the touchstone.

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