absolute truth in a sentence

"absolute truth" in Chinese  
  1. It was also a debate about relativism vs . absolute truth.
  2. Sport offers one of the few absolute truths in our lives.
  3. He was saying it as if it was an absolute truth,
  4. They do not believe the work is defined by absolute truths.
  5. :Right and wrong are not absolute truths to every human.
  6. It's difficult to find absolute truth in a sentence.
  7. According to the Jains, only the " absolute truth.
  8. Later he followed different religious paths to attain the absolute truth.
  9. He got initiated from Brahmananda paramhansa and attained the absolute truth.
  10. Later he himself preached the path of absolute truth to many.
  11. You knew you could accept as the absolute truth what she said,
  12. It was also a debate about relativism versus absolute truth.
  13. In that I believe that McVeigh is telling us the absolute truth.
  14. "It's not necessarily the absolute truth.
  15. Universe is the manifestation of the absolute Truth or God.
  16. This is an absolute truth that I am telling you here & 
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