absolute trust in a sentence

"absolute trust" in Chinese  
  1. We will continue to invest absolute trust in the Peruvian government,
  2. People are working in a situation of absolute trust,
  3. Weill freely talks of his love for, and absolute trust in, Dimon.
  4. There is an absolute trust at work here.
  5. They may also lose that feeling of invulnerability and absolute trust in their bodies.
  6. It's difficult to find absolute trust in a sentence.
  7. There has to be absolute trust between a commander and subordinates and vice versa.
  8. Additionally, her works are concerned with human isolation, absolute trust in love.
  9. He was known for his love for mortification, self-denial and absolute trust in God.
  10. The transfer " was done in the traditional atmosphere of mutual understanding and absolute trust,"
  11. People responded to him and he put his absolute trust in them, and was rarely let down.
  12. There are two who appear to enjoy the absolute trust of the Albanians : President Clinton and the KLA.
  13. Information took a long time to reach the company headquarters, and this was dependent on an absolute trust.
  14. However, he returned those rewards immediately, because of his loyalty and absolute trust in the Toyotomi family.
  15. Kenichi has absolute trust in Ma and has stated that he has never questioned his convictions as a martial artist.
  16. This shows her complete willingness to enter into the marriage and her absolute trust that she is marrying the right man.
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