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  1. Both Aristotle and Newton believed in absolute time, a concept independent of space.
  2. I told them that the absolute time is now to get this over with,
  3. The problem is that you are still clinging to the idea of'absolute time '.
  4. In 1993 Ponty returned to Atlantic with the album " No Absolute Time ".
  5. I wonder is there such a thing as absolute timing?
  6. It's difficult to find absolute time in a sentence.
  7. The Newtonian notion of absolute time is ultimately a confusion.
  8. The time estimates are just that-" estimates "-they cannot be treated as absolute times.
  9. Unlike relative time, Newton believed absolute time was imperceptible and could only be understood mathematically.
  10. An important application is absolute time and space where Galilean transformations relate frames of reference.
  11. It included a stored command processor that handled both absolute time and relative time commands.
  12. The process of accurate location, was greatly improved with the advent of precise absolute timing.
  13. It introduces absolute time and reference frames which are not observable within the 4D relativistic spacetime.
  14. Not only competition but also to absolute time frames in a consumer s life are considered.
  15. In addition a frequency modulation is applied to provide the recorder with an absolute time reference.
  16. "We paid a dramatic price for relativity : the notion of absolute time, " he said.
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