absolute the in a sentence

"absolute the" in Chinese  
  1. And, as history teaches us, the more absolute the regime, the bigger the threat.
  2. The same year they released the compilation " Absolute The September When-Prestige de la Norv鑗e 1989-96 ".
  3. When pushed, physicists will often concede that there is room, at least linguistically, to wonder how absolute the correspondence is between successful theories and what might be regarded as ultimate reality.
  4. Alternatively, he said, the decision could be reinterpreted " in light of the post-Buckley experience " to make " less absolute the contribution / expenditure line, particularly in respect to independently wealthy candidates, whose expenditures might be considered contributions to their own campaigns ."
  5. Their failure to meet their creditors in undergraduate enterprises, and their apparent acquiescence in the charges of vandalism which were periodically brought against them, rendered absolute the necessity of reform . " The solution was the Students'Society and its executive body, the Students'Executive Council.
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