absolute term in a sentence

"absolute term" in Chinese  
  1. By expressing variables in absolute terms and applying kPa-gage < ! --
  2. :I suppose you mean relative to other countries, not in absolute terms.
  3. First, in absolute terms, poor nations have become on average less poor.
  4. So he did the right thing, both in absolute terms and politically.
  5. Whatever the outcome, Menem's Peronists will remain the largest party in absolute terms.
  6. It's difficult to find absolute term in a sentence.
  7. Nonetheless, science and technology in Britain continued to develop rapidly in absolute terms.
  8. In absolute terms, German military expenditure is the 9th highest in the world.
  9. Both in absolute terms and in terms of market share, we have improved.
  10. However, in absolute terms the rotor exit velocity is " V " a2.
  11. Brightness refers to an absolute term and should not be confused with Lightness.
  12. He acknowledges that valuations are still not cheap in absolute terms.
  13. The number of foreign residents therefore increased in absolute terms during this time period.
  14. But in absolute terms, higher income groups would see a much greater dollar benefit.
  15. This large disparity displays the unequal distribution of wealth in America in absolute terms.
  16. In absolute terms, they are really really suffering very badly.
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