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  1. Some types of signal display separate permissive and absolute stop aspects.
  2. ACSES also enforces a positive stop at signals displaying an absolute Stop indication.
  3. But, so far, only these two teams have succeeded in bringing light to an absolute stop.
  4. Suddenly, amazingly, the light slows down to an absolute stop _ and, in the darkened lab, dims to total darkness.
  5. The system will stop the train in a Positive Stop Zone, extending up to 1000 feet from the absolute stop signal.
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  7. On a few light rail lines IIATS has been employed in a manner similar to mechanical train stops, stopping the train if it passes an absolute stop signal.
  8. Additional BCMs ( data radios ) located at interlockings transmit information relating to absolute Stop signal indications and any speed restrictions pertaining to the train's route through said interlocking.
  9. In 1954, the PRR experimented installing red lenses in the horizontal position of the upper head to help increase the at distance visibility of absolute Stop signals at Overbrook interlocking.
  10. Even before the war, there had been talks about merging the two Rhodesias, but the process had been halted by the British authorities, and brought to an absolute stop by the war.
  11. The yellow aspect still means a warning or a speed restriction if a digit is displayed and a red aspect remains an absolute stop signal, only to be passed with a formal order or with safety equipment deployed.
  12. Recently, there have been several new types of cab signalling which use communications-based technology to reduce the cost of wayside equipment or supplement existing signal technologies to enforce speed restrictions and absolute stops and to respond to grade crossing malfunctions or incursions.

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