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  1. Well-established alternatives are the mean absolute scaled error ( MASE ) and the mean squared error.
  2. Neither system works as well in formulae as the absolute scale systems of Rankin / Kelvin.
  3. Kelvin is an absolute scale, while Celsius is not, but that doesn't require a conversion here.
  4. _" Relative bargains are a good investment even if they are ludicrous on an absolute scale ."
  5. Absolute scales are used when precise values are needed in comparison to a natural, unchanging zero point.
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  7. The process takes place at temperatures ranging from, and pressures ranging from atmospheric to ( absolute scale ).
  8. An absolute scale can only be applied to measurements in which a true minimum is known to exist.
  9. Provided that the temperature T \, is measured in the thermodynamic absolute scale, the relation is expressed in the formula
  10. It would be very difficult to provide an absolute scale for sensitivity with respect to the different properties of explosives.
  11. On an absolute scale, the lowest incomes saw the greatest gains in percentage terms and the highest incomes actually declined.
  12. Things were now valued not on an absolute scale, but by discovering if one was in tune with one's group.
  13. On an absolute scale, the A's pitching is terrible, but in the American League, which more and more resembles slow-pitch softball, it's exactly average.
  14. Thermal efficiency is given by / T } }, where T is the exhaust temperature ( any absolute scale ) and T is the peak combustion temperature.
  15. Temperature is basically defined for a body in its own state of internal thermodynamic equilibrium, and in this definition, on an absolute scale, it is always positive.
  16. Pressure is frequently measured with reference to atmospheric pressure rather than on any absolute scale, relative to complete and perfect vacuum; it is technologically simpler and cheaper.
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