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  1. Safety and security is our absolute priority and would not be compromised.
  2. "Stalin's absolute priority was winning the war, " the French specialist said.
  3. The participants decided that organizing a general strike was an absolute priority.
  4. "It's not an absolute priority " for European countries, she said.
  5. "Fulfilling the criteria must have absolute priority over deadlines, " the advisers said.
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  7. Taking up this great challenge in, for all of us, an absolute priority.
  8. The government objected, citing a federal bankruptcy rule of " absolute priority ."
  9. Likewise, Argentina has been " an absolute priority " for Brazilian foreign policy.
  10. Their administration is without question committed to rules compliance as an absolute priority,
  11. I repeat, the Bundesliga is our absolute priority, " he added.
  12. "He was an absolute priority, " general manager Glen Sather said.
  13. Relations with Ukraine, Belarus and other republics are an absolute priority for us,
  14. Labor Secretary Elaine Chao calls it " an absolute priority ."
  15. The testator's mandate to ensure continued existence has, in that context, absolute priority.
  16. For me, a stable currency has absolute priority over any timetable.
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