absolute peak in a sentence

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  1. The summer of 1913 was the absolute peak for the railroad.
  2. Sammy Sosa arrived at Fenway Park at the absolute peak of his career.
  3. Happily, the sets also document Powell at the absolute peak of his powers.
  4. I think he is at absolute peak life right now,
  5. For an iconoclast, " I guess the first time around is your absolute peak.
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  7. And Sunday night they were at their absolute peak.
  8. Noel Coward was a very good composer-lyricist even when he wasn't at his absolute peak,"
  9. She was at the absolute peak of her career,
  10. Still, it's Chabrol's show all the way, and he's at the absolute peak of his form.
  11. "That's the absolute peak of automotive consumption.
  12. "The company is at the absolute peak of its product and its business strength, " said Papows.
  13. The 1926 election was an absolute peak for the PP, which received 52 % of the total vote.
  14. He wanted a body that works at absolute peak efficiency and looks godlike, and he did something about it.
  15. The movie is grand entertainment, not at all dated, with Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn at their absolute peaks.
  16. These are stories he was writing in the mid-80s when he was at the absolute peak of his power.
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