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  1. The Absolute Past has almost exactly the same function as the Present Perfect.
  2. The Absolute Past may at all times be replaced with the Present Perfect ( but not vice versa ).
  3. Following the same argument the range below the origin and between the photon world lines is the absolute past relative to the origin.
  4. The band had planned to release a DVD titled " Absolute Past, Absolute Future " with an estimated release date of Spring 2007.
  5. In Russian, for example, there is no pluperfect or future perfect; these meanings are expressed by absolute past or future tense respectively, with adverbs or other lexical means being used, if required, to express temporal relations with specified reference points.
  6. It's difficult to find absolute past in a sentence.
  7. But if you pick a point in the absolute elsewhere and draws its light cone, you will see that the absolute elsewhere for that second point overlaps with the absolute past of the first point-- meaning that a return signal from the second point can end up in the past of the first point.
  8. Fear Before the March of Flames explained that the DVD will not be " random live footage from four years [ . . . ] followed by random live footage from three years ago " . " Absolute Past, Absolute Future " would be presented in documentary form, telling the history of the band chronologically.
  9. For any given point in space-time, the remainder of space-time can be divided into four zones called the " absolute future " ( points that can be reached by traveling slower than light ), the " absolute past " ( points from which the current point can be reached by traveling slower than the speed of light ), the " absolute present " ( points lying directly on the light cone ), and the " absolute elsewhere " ( points lying outside both the future and past light cones ).

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