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  1. In 1961 M鴏ler revived Einstein s idea, and Pellegrini and Plebanski found a Lagrangian formulation for " absolute parallelism ".
  2. For the trivial group, an { " e " }-structure consists of an absolute parallelism of the manifold.
  3. In fact, in the year 1929, he commented on the geometric basis for congruences and absolute parallelism : Geometric basis for a recent theory of Einstein ".
  4. Secondly, the 1-form is an absolute parallelism, which intuitively means that ? yields information about the behavior of additional directions in the principal bundle ( rather than simply being a projection operator onto the vertical space ).
  5. Frame bundles have additional structure called the solder form, which can be used to extend a principal connection on " P " to a trivialization of the tangent bundle of " P " called an "'absolute parallelism " '.
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