absolute pacifist in a sentence

  1. Those from the Direct Action Committee were absolute pacifists ( some of them Christians)
  2. Not being an absolute pacifist, I cannot guarantee that I would not behave in the same way, should a similar situation arise.
  3. Many leaders and participants in such movements, while recognizing the importance of using non-violent methods in particular circumstances, have not been absolute pacifists.
  4. Law expressed some sympathy for pacifists, saying, " There are those prophetic voices who, out of conscience, articulate, and powerfully so, an absolute pacifist position ."
  5. An absolute pacifist is generally described by the British Broadcasting Corporation as one who believes that human life is so valuable, that a human should never be killed and war should never be conducted, even in self-defense.
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  7. Such a method, while computed to be the only way to start the war, and thus prevent the destruction of advanced space civilizations, is nevertheless completely unacceptable to the Hurrians, a race of absolute pacifists who cannot envision killing a sentient being.
  8. Joad s speech was described as  well-organized and well-received, and probably the single most important reason for the outcome of the debate .  Joad's part in the debate caused him to gain a public reputation as an absolute pacifist.
  9. to AndyTheGrump i did discussed on the talk page this user just erased my comment and to MrnetteD the previous guy said einstein abandoned his pacifism in 1933 i admit he was longlife pacifist but not absolute and rather all his life being conceived pacifist . that is all im admiting he was pacifist all his life just not absolute pacifist . and im using two ip since my previous has malfunction in wifi what is make you think im the other account ? it is 100 % fine to use multiple ip's if you did not block yet .  Preceding talk ) 18 : 33, 21 June 2015 ( UTC)

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