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  1. On B s death, A ( if alive ) becomes absolute owner of the farm.
  2. But, unless they were to take successively as absolute owners, I cannot discover what estates they were intended to take.
  3. Today, he is absolute owner in the team led by Arm阯io Moura, in the Flamengo's youth team, but want to get the core team.
  4. After continuous hard work for five years, on 14 August 1934, Mohan Singh Oberoi became the sole and absolute owner of Hotel Carlton, Shimla.
  5. During the landed aristocracy of Britain . in 1793, the zamindars were created absolute owners of the estates, and not just representatives of the sovereign rulers
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  7. After the victory Bethencourt, absolute owner of the islands, returned to Normandy in search of settlers and new resources in order to continue the conquest of the rest of the islands.
  8. This arrangement, whereby the lender was in theory the absolute owner, but in practice had few of the practical rights of ownership, was seen in many jurisdictions as being awkwardly artificial.
  9. The gift is in terms which make the devisee the absolute owner, and give him the power of disposing of the whole property ( with such exceptions as are mentioned ) as he pleases.
  10. Having not played for Gremio played the finals of the Libertadores ( Santos left the champion ), but remained well in the matches for the national championship, with the absolute owner Santos 9 shirt.
  11. In that decision, the justices concluded that a landowner is the " absolute owner " of underground water and that regulation of such water is impossible because it is " so secret, occult and concealed ."
  12. As he who had made himself absolute owner of the property had conceived himself bound in honour to transmit it to the male line of his grandfather, so he wished the same sentiment to govern his successors.
  13. On this I have no doubt; and it therefore follows that the intention to give the fee-simple must be performed, and that the decree ought to declare the son the absolute owner of the estate comprised in the memorandum.
  14. It was during the laws of 1793, the zamindars were created absolute owners of the estates, and not just representatives of the sovereign rulers It was also during the conquest of Bengal, that the British settlers gained power in India.
  15. Hill further stated that, " As absolute owner of Forvik and as provided for in the Act of Annexation of 1669, I humbly offer my services to Your Majesty as Steward of this, probably the smallest of your territories outside the United Kingdom ."
  16. If there is no male line surviving at the armiger's death then each of his surviving daughters becomes a "'heraldic heiress "'who holds equally the right of ownership of the arms in trust for her son, who then becomes the absolute owner of the arms.
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