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  1. Being an extension of " Zta ", " Karma " was conceived of as operating with the same absolute efficiency.
  2. Absolute efficiency values represent the probability that a gamma ray of a specified energy passing through the detector will interact and be detected.
  3. To that, Farber countered that " there is no absolute efficiency given just because this is the way Microsoft has chosen to put all of this together ."
  4. The type of water-heating'back boiler'open fires commonly used in Ireland, for instance, can be more than 80 % absolute efficiency, while the type of enclosed stove commonly used in China may be less than 15 % efficient.
  5. Since he defines technique as " the totality of methods rationally arrived at, and having absolute efficiency ( for a given stage of development ) in every field of human activity ", it is clear that his sociological analysis focuses not on the society of machines as such, but on the society of " efficient techniques ".
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