absolute dud in a sentence

"absolute dud" meaning  "absolute dud" in Chinese  
  1. The show isn't an absolute dud.
  2. This latest effort was an absolute dud.
  3. If the Jets are not sure of their convictions and flip-flop in scheme, this pick is an absolute dud considering the direction they could have taken in the draft.
  4. The variation "'absolute dud "'describes a nuclear weapon that fails to explode . ( A nuclear weapon which does explode, but does not achieve its expected power, is termed a fizzle ).
  5. Costner's an absolute dud as a grieving widower trying to unravel little messages seemingly sent by his wife from the great beyond, through visions, poltergeist activity and clues channeled through dying children whom doctors have brought back from the dead.
  6. It's difficult to find absolute dud in a sentence.
  7. They saw in the 1973 74 New Year with a party at Starr's Tittenhurst Park mansion  which was an " absolute dud " of a night, according to their friend Chris O'Dell, due to Harrison having openly declared his love for Starr's wife, Maureen Starkey, a few days before.

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