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  1. They don't talk about absolute distance across the ocean.
  2. :: This does show absolute distances well.
  3. Of these various cues, only convergence, accommodation and familiar size provide absolute distance information.
  4. My fitness test was the absolute distance from the proper sum of the two input numbers.
  5. Timing systems can reveal the absolute distance to an object, as is the case in radar.
  6. It's difficult to find absolute distance in a sentence.
  7. But what astronomers cannot be sure of is the absolute distance from Earth to any very remote object.
  8. Tunable lasers are used in swept-frequency metrology to enable measurement of absolute distances with very high accuracy.
  9. Steve Fossett flew the GlobalFlyer to one more major aviation record : the Absolute Distance Over a Closed Circuit.
  10. By using sources of several wavelengths to generate sum and difference beat frequencies, absolute distance measurements become possible.
  11. The absolute distance between two points is the great-circle distance, which is always the shortest geographical route.
  12. The thing that impressed me the most about Monty Reid's work is the sense of absolute distance that he evokes.
  13. In the first few games, service was distributed by zone of effect, with access determined entirely by absolute distance to the facility.
  14. Since the median minimizes the average absolute distance, we have D _ \ text { med } \ le D _ \ text { mean }.
  15. Their apparent brightness as seen from Earth gives a measure of their absolute distance, and therefore of the speed at which the expansion is sweeping them away.
  16. In such theories any reference in the course of a calculation to an absolute distance would imply the introduction of a parameter to which the theory is invariant.
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