absolute dissent in a sentence

  1. Reception for " Absolute Dissent " was very positive.
  2. Ferguson recorded with Killing Joke for the first time in 23 years for their 2010 studio album " Absolute Dissent ".
  3. During October and November 2009, they recorded the album " Absolute Dissent " ( 2010 ), marking the band's 30th anniversary.
  4. The EP " In Excelsis " was released in 2010, and the following studio album, " Absolute Dissent ", was released in September 2010.
  5. In late 2010, he performed with Killing Joke, taking over bass guitar duties for original bassist Martin Glover on the North American tour in support of the Absolute Dissent Album.
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  7. In November, the band received the " Innovator Award " at the 2010 " annual awards, receiving the Album of the Year award for " Absolute Dissent ".
  8. The opening track, " Absolute Dissent ", with its chopping guitar, the frantic dance beat, the hymn-like chorus, and the apocalyptic content, sounds utterly euphoric somehow mimic their classic 1980 song " Pssyche ".
  9. The album was going to be called " Feast of Fools ", but they decided to not use that track and they chose " Absolute Dissent " for the title of the album and of its opening track.
  10. It was released on 27 September 2010 by record labels Martin " Youth " Glover ( bass guitar ) and Paul Ferguson ( drums ) . " Absolute Dissent " was engineered and mixed by Clive Goddard, and produced by the band.
  11. "Absolute Dissent " has the sludgy sonic quality of their 2006 release " Hosannas from the Basements of Hell ", much of the same metal influence of their 2003 album " Brighter Than a Thousand Suns ".
  12. Following up the 2010 release of " Absolute Dissent ", Killing Joke's original lineup of Jaz Coleman, Geordie Walker, programmed by Clive Goddard, Tom Dalgety, Michael Rendall and Reza Udhin at Studio Faust Records in Prague, Czech Republic.
  13. Phil Freeman of Allmusic gave the album four and a half stars out of five and ended his review with : " it's damn nice to hear a band still operating at this level over 30 years into their career . " Mike Schiller of PopMatters gave the album a rating of eight out of ten, and in his review, wrote : " the sound of Absolute Dissent is remarkably consistent mostly straightforward rockers with some combination of tuneful singing and gravel-tinged bellowing over the top, well produced and tightly performed.
  14. The BBC Music review by John Doran stated that " They easily manage to step out from the long shadow cast by their own first two albums on this close-to-genius release . . . . this is K [ illing ] J [ oke ] at their distressingly original best . " Dom Gourlay of Drowned in Sound music webzine awarded the album eight stars out of ten and wrote that " they've defied all expectations and created arguably their most definitive, and overtly complex body of work in decades . . . . " Absolute Dissent " is a remarkable achievement for a band whose creative zenith appeared to have been locked in the annals many moons ago . . . . if this is the last time Killing Joke embark on a recording project together, they couldn't have concocted a more fitting finale ."

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