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  1. Jimbo has an absolute discretion to appoint who he wants.
  2. Absolute discretion might result in arbitrary abuse without oversight.
  3. The proposed amendments will also provide the minister with absolute discretion to vary the shareholdings.
  4. He said the authority wants to " maintain their absolute discretion " in deciding to issue bonds.
  5. The "'President of the a ceremonial office, but the president does exercise certain limited powers with absolute discretion.
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  7. Emails may also be distributed to non-arbitrators at our absolute discretion, whenever necessary in order to properly consider the appeal.
  8. The office has absolute discretion in some areas, such as referring a bill to the Supreme Court for a judgment on its constitutionality.
  9. Clause 7.6 was an ancillary provision which did not override the trustee s absolute discretion as to how assets were to be realised.
  10. The Act was subsequently amended in 2012 to remove the requirement for annual licence application and the government's'absolute discretion'over permits, and reinstated judicial overview.
  11. No fresh news about the journalists has surfaced in days, with officials saying they are exercising absolute discretion in the interest of the hostages'safety.
  12. Barton J held that the Constitution gave the Parliament an absolute discretion as to what adjudicatory or administrative powers it deemed necessary for the Inter-State Commission.
  13. Their contracts guarantee the " exclusive right to exploit ( Aaron's license ) in their sole and absolute discretion, " the companies said in court documents.
  14. The revised criteria give the government absolute discretion and open the door to any arms exports of any kind which may seem right at the time.
  15. Likewise, in " R . v . Ladouceur " ( 1990 ) highway stops were found to be arbitrary where absolute discretion was given to the police.
  16. Sachs, however, ruled that marketing agreements between ACN Energy and Aquila Merchant Services Inc . gave Aquila absolute discretion to determine whether to provide the guarantee sought by ACN.
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