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  1. Although the defendant was convicted, the sentence was an absolute discharge.
  2. Though he pleaded guilty in Canadian court, he was given an absolute discharge.
  3. The possible dispositions are : detention in hospital, conditional discharge, or absolute discharge.
  4. An absolute discharge means that, in effect, no penalty is imposed.
  5. He had no previous convictions and was given an absolute discharge.
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  7. Cogger successfully appealed the sentence which was substituted by an absolute discharge in 2001.
  8. Previously an absolute discharge was unavailable to an unfit accused.
  9. Bounsall was given an absolute discharge but the incident forced him to retire from politics.
  10. Winko appealed the ruling, asking instead for absolute discharge.
  11. He stood trial, and was given an absolute discharge.
  12. However, courts can consider previous absolute discharges in the same way as they consider previous convictions.
  13. An absolute discharge is purged after one year.
  14. However, on 21 December 2009 he received an absolute discharge because he was deemed unfit to plead.
  15. The Ontario Review Board granted Arenburg an absolute discharge from the Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene in November 2006.
  16. Absolute discharge is a lesser sentence imposed by a court, in which no penalty is imposed at all.
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