absolute cognatic primogeniture in a sentence

  1. It was introduced to the throne of the United Kingdom with absolute cognatic primogeniture.
  2. It now descends according to absolute cognatic primogeniture, meaning that the eldest child ( regardless of gender ) succeeds to the dukedom upon the death of the previous holder.
  3. As a general rule, most titles are now inherited by absolute Cognatic Primogeniture ( as of 2006 ), in which the first born inherits all titles regardless of gender.
  4. Aiko's birth, which occurred more than eight years after their marriage, sparked absolute cognatic primogeniture, which would allow a woman to ascend to the Chrysanthemum Throne.
  5. :: : Regarding older sisters being bypassed, many European monarchies have addressed the issue already, Primogeniture # Absolute cognatic primogeniture notes countries whose throne passes to oldest child regardless of gender.
  6. It's difficult to find absolute cognatic primogeniture in a sentence.
  7. Amending the law to absolute cognatic primogeniture, known in French as " a頽esse int間rale " would allow the first-born to inherit the throne, whether the heir be male or female.

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