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  1. Some auctioneers also have absolute auctions with minimum starting bids.
  2. All are foreclosures by Bankers Trust of California being sold at absolute auction.
  3. It costs $ 50 to get in to tonight's absolute auction.
  4. Once an absolute auction begins, the property must be sold to the highest bidder.
  5. The absolute auction sales started in Texas, and they are catching on around the country.
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  7. The first two parcels will be sold in an absolute auction, meaning they will be sold on auction day to the highest bidder.
  8. The Fatatos chose perhaps the riskiest method : an absolute auction, without reserve, where the final price is the final price, even if it is $ 1.
  9. It will be an absolute auction, meaning that the house, the 240 acres, the spacious sale barn and auction arena will all be sold regardless of the price.
  10. Torres, who came to the United States as a refugee from Castro's Cuba in the early 1960s, said he was ready for the gamble of an absolute auction.
  11. But while an absolute auction guarantees a house sells no matter what the price, Higgenbotham has organized this auction with seller reserves _ if the owners don't get their price, they don't have to sell.
  12. Rob Doyle, principal auctioneer for Absolute Auction & AMP; Realty in Beacon, N . Y ., said that homeowners frustrated by the time it can take to find a buyer sometimes turn to auctions in the hope of making a faster sale.
  13. Sale terms on most parcels were " absolute auction " meaning Conrail would not reject bids as too low once bidding ended, said Alan Kravets, senior vice president of Sheldon Good & AMP; Co . of Chicago, which organized the public sales.
  14. If you're serious about that perfect holiday gift, Absolute Auctions is selling two " exquisitely spectacular oceanfront estates " ( according to an ad in The Chronicle ), one in Mendocino and another in Sea Cliff that " includes Golden Gate Bridge . " Never mind whatever those Washington ditzes decide about Social Security, you'll be set for life living on tolls . . . . And if you act now, maybe they'll throw in Alcatraz.

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