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  1. An EDS monitors critical launch vehicle and spacecraft systems and issues status, warning and abort commands to the crew during their mission to low Earth orbit.
  2. The GBU-53 / B accepts post-release control from either an airborne or ground controller unit to include the ability to receive retargeting and abort commands.
  3. Booster had the power to send an abort command to the spacecraft . All Booster technicians were employed at the Marshall Space Flight Center and reported to JSC for the launches.
  4. On November 24, 2009, JSAT announced that the launch of Intelsat 15 was expected on November 29 at 1 : 00 UTC . But during the launch attempt on November 29, the automatic prelaunch issued an abort command.
  5. A second problem occurred during the powered descent, when the LM landing radar failed to lock automatically onto the Moon's surface, depriving the navigation computer of vital information on the vehicle's altitude and vertical descent speed ( this was not a result of the modifications to the ABORT command; rather, the post-mission report indicated it was an unrelated bug in the radar's operation ).
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