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  1. Another Mexico beckons aborning, they tell any who will listen.
  2. Johnson prefers to think that the science of acoustics is still aborning.
  3. Without it, the Grand Slam would have died aborning.
  4. We sense a new slang phrase aborning.
  5. But a realistic strategy is aborning in the Middle East, based on Turkish-Israeli cooperation.
  6. It's difficult to find aborning in a sentence.
  7. As old friends emerge, we forget winter's losses and glory in the season aborning.
  8. Small wonder the long-aborning " Lip Lock " appears on her own label.
  9. Most sects die aborning, but a few, strengthened by repression, mushroom into a major challenge.
  10. It looks as if a new faith is aborning : " Silver Bullet-ism ."
  11. That sums up " Gangs, " the long-aborning adaptation of Herbert Asbury's legendary 1928 history.
  12. Given what actually happened _ a single American school board made a foolish resolution that died aborning _ isn't the fuss disproportionate?
  13. Here in the nation's capital, the boldest trees suddenly have that lime-colored feathery look that signifies infant leaves aborning.
  14. The Southern white lightning movie epic " Thunder Road " depicted this world as NASCAR aborning, which it was, in a way.
  15. The professional women's basketball leagues currently aborning have supposedly sought a Nike contract even before the cities, players and a TV contract are set.
  16. But this " Pimpernel " has been long aborning, and there's the sense that everyone involved lost interest somewhere along the way.
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