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  1. Aborn was among the most active officers of the National Coffee Association.
  2. Throughout his career, Aborn traveled extensively in coffee-producing countries.
  3. Handgun Control President Richard Aborn reacted angrily to Stockman's assertions.
  4. It was directed by Aborn and choreographed by Virginie Mauret.
  5. Aborn died Aug . 25, 2005, in Chicago.
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  7. Aborn also served as the president of the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence.
  8. The award was presented by the Commission's President, Richard Aborn.
  9. Aborn was in town to launch a media campaign that targets the NRA by name.
  10. In 2001 Aborn served as the senior law enforcement advisor to the Democratic mayoral nominee.
  11. Post-Broadway shows were often performed and the theater hosted the Aborn Opera Company.
  12. It was directed by Milton Aborn.
  13. Handgun Control is not out to ban guns but wants reasonable measures to control guns, Aborn said.
  14. Maude Gray, Prima Donna of the Aborn Musical Comedy Co ., performing at WBZ ( 1922)
  15. Existing guns will not be confiscated but will be " grandfathered in, " according to Aborn.
  16. Mirassou Vineyards, Mirassou Winery, 3000 Aborn Road, San Jose; ( 408 ) 274-4000.
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