aborn opera company in a sentence

  1. Post-Broadway shows were often performed and the theater hosted the Aborn Opera Company.
  2. The third mini-season of the Aborn Opera Company does not fare as well as the previous two.
  3. Later he conducted 3 seasons from 1912-1915 of over 200 presentations of operas with the Aborn Opera Company.
  4. A year later, Chamlee went on tour with the Aborn Opera Company as " Mario Rodolfi ", where he sang with soprano Ruth Miller.
  5. The Bronx Opera House not only featured comic opera as early as September 1913 but a substantial opera lineup during its 3rd, 4th and 5th season with the Aborn Opera Company.
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  7. On June 7, during the six weeks engagement of the Aborn Opera Company, Beppo, a donkey who was appearing on stage in Pagliacci was tied by its keeper to a car parked in front of the theater.
  8. Both traveling and local performers occupied the stage : in December 1916, for example, the Martha Ellen presented the opera " The Bohemian Girl ", staged by the Aborn Opera Company, and the play " The Dream That Came True ", staged by the local junior class.

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