aboriginies in a sentence

  1. U make a lot of comments about Ethiopians and Australian Aboriginies.
  2. There are even full blooded aboriginies who believe that their ancient ancestors consumed human flesh in certain, qualified circumstances.
  3. Bennelong, one of the most famous Aboriginies of the time, was a member of Wangal, as was his wife, Barangaroo.
  4. Under Australia's Native Title Act, the indigenous aboriginies have a right to claim ownership of land and seek compensation for use of that land.
  5. He also made his anti-Taiwanese position clear ( " Even if every Taiwanese citizen stopped speaking Chinese they would still be ethnically Chinese ( aboriginies excluded ).
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  7. On one hand, their accounts and publications provide irreplaceable anthropological information about the aboriginies, as well as a wealth of detail about the natural landscape of Taiwan.
  8. George Yuille, older brother of William Cross Yuille, was not only liked and trusted by the local Aboriginies but also had formed a relationship with one of their women.
  9. As the brothers argue about the morality of their crimes of killing women and children, McCready makes bitterly humorous observations about the influence of white people on the native Aboriginies.
  10. :" He also made his anti-Taiwanese position clear ( " Even if every Taiwanese citizen stopped speaking Chinese they would still be ethnically Chinese ( aboriginies excluded ).
  11. The indigenous show, " Papunya Tula : Genesis & Genius, " is a testament to spiritual life of the Aboriginies, which is earth-and ancestor-centered.
  12. In 2012 he produced and directed " No Apologies ", a film about two Aboriginal girls representing Australia at the NAIDOC ( National Aboriginies and Islanders Day Observance Committee ) week around Australia.
  13. Following constant conflicts with local Aboriginies, MacPherson decided Mount Abundance was a dangerous place and in late 1849, MacPherson withdrew his sheep from Mount Abundance, leaving it as a cattle station, and returned to England.
  14. Nevertheless, after the Tapani incident of 1915, in which great tensions followed a month-long uprising by Taiwanese Han and aboriginies against the Japanese government, Mori attempted to intervene using his expertise to provide a peaceful solution, but his assistance was rebuffed.
  15. :" Around 9 o'clock in the morning, without a shot being fired by the innocent aboriginies [ the police ] fired repeatedly at close range, in the panic the " indios " ( more women and children than men ) tried to attack resulting in the most cowardly and ferocious carnage, and the killing of the injured without respect for gender or age ."
  16. Briggs has also been a prominent figure in speaking out against instances of blackface in Australia, including two Ballarat men dressed as Aboriginies, basketballer Alice Kunek, a young boy's mother who wanted to fulfill her child's wish of dressing as an indigenous football player without understanding the racial insentivity of doing so . and the Frankston Bombers Football and Netball Club, all of which arose in 2016.
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