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  1. The aborigines would make camp near the water's edge.
  2. Many Aborigines still come here to find relatives and old friends.
  3. She describes him as a composite of Aborigines she has known.
  4. Australia is apologizing for the way it has treated the aborigines.
  5. Now it's race, the whole issue of Aborigines.
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  7. From the start, the colonialists treated the Aborigines like dirt.
  8. Aborigines found the moths to be a reliable source of food.
  9. Samaranch mentioned the Aborigines in both his opening and closing speeches.
  10. American Indians compared notes with Australian aborigines on claiming land rights.
  11. The aborigines plan to maintain a higher standard with vitamin supplements.
  12. The number of aborigines dying in custody in Australia is rising.
  13. The book has drawn condemnation from historians and outrage from Aborigines.
  14. Australia's Aborigines make up 1 percent of its population.
  15. Aborigines have a life expectancy 20 years shorter than white people.
  16. But the colonial authorities had simply expected Aborigines to die out.
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