abiding in a sentence

"abiding" meaning  "abiding" in Chinese  
  1. The annoyance turned otherwise law-abiding individuals into tax cheats.
  2. A misdemeanor conviction to most law-abiding citizens is devastating.
  3. In the Skeens, Menzel discovered an abiding but quiet faith.
  4. Both sides have scrupulously abided by the terms of that agreement.
  5. No one has to abide by the rules, it seems.
  6. It's difficult to find abiding in a sentence.
  7. But we were tax-paying, law-abiding citizens.
  8. The bank now says it will abide by the earlier offer.
  9. Most financial planners who specialize in investing abide by those ideas.
  10. Both sides are abiding to the rules of the 1994 season.
  11. He and his colleagues found that everything abided by their model.
  12. The new law will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.
  13. We are, a majority of us, law-abiding.
  14. The FDA usually abides by its advisory committee's recommendations.
  15. The abiding impression produced by Clinton's inconsistency does not.
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