abdomen in in a sentence

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  1. Push your abdomen in on an outgoing breath when you bend forward.
  2. St . Martin suffered a shotgun wound to the abdomen in 1822.
  3. Both wings lie flat over the abdomen in the resting position.
  4. It is located in the lower abdomen in front of the rectus abdominis.
  5. Testicular cancer usually spreads into the lymph nodes inside the abdomen in a predictable manner.
  6. It's difficult to find abdomen in in a sentence.
  7. Antenna, head, thorax and abdomen in both sexes as in the wet-season form but paler.
  8. He committed suicide by stabbing himself in the abdomen in 1929 in the Hotel Cumberland.
  9. The abdomen is oval and rather flat, The abdomen in females has a long, sclerotized ovipositor.
  10. The sides of the abdomen in both sexes of " T . brevifacies " are yellow.
  11. The abdomen in males is fitted with three hooks of large size ( anal appendages ).
  12. The abdomen in males is usually longer than in females and often has an extra lobe.
  13. Sepsids also try to bend their abdomen in such a way that males cannot copulate forcefully.
  14. Mills underwent surgery Monday after taking a blow to the abdomen in the Cowboys'30-22 victory over Seattle.
  15. He had surgery and chemotherapy, but the cancer returned in his abdomen in the summer of 2016.
  16. She then used a kitchen knife to cut open her abdomen in a total of three attempts.
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