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  1. Diller also headed Paramount Pictures and was an ABC programming executive.
  2. You think ABC isn't worried about the Monday clash?
  3. ABC has told its new series to eliminate opening theme songs.
  4. ABC, Wednesday night at 10 p . m ., ET
  5. ABC has " Monday Night Football " until January.
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  7. He had previously worked as a program executive in ABC Sports.
  8. But that's just what ABC and NBC have done.
  9. ABC, NBC and Fox are cleaning out the ratings losers.
  10. Why isn't ABC gleeful over NBC's misfortune?
  11. ABC Rail Products Corp ., Chicago, 1 million shares.
  12. Another positive is that the company owns five ABC affiliate stations.
  13. ABC followed suit, switching the Tim Allen and Roseanne shows.
  14. Gingrich said on ABC News'" Nightline ."
  15. The first will be for CBS, the second for ABC.
  16. NBC, ABC and CBS eventually received about $ 60 million.
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