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  1. Abbot Francis Sadlier commissioned an abbey church to be built in 1935.
  2. He was beheaded by the Yorkists, and buried in the abbey church.
  3. The Abbey church occupied the centre of a quadrangular area, about square.
  4. The first Abbey Church of Ochsenhausen was in fact dedicated in 1093.
  5. There is a memorial to him at Bath Abbey church in Bath.
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  7. The former abbey church remains in use for worship at stated times.
  8. The abbey church became the burial place of the noble Hvide family.
  9. Tyslio rebuilt the Abbey Church and things were peaceful for a while.
  10. It is the former abbey church of the Benedictine Kempten Abbey.
  11. The Abbey Church serves as the home of the Saint Anselm.
  12. The Abbey church was initially part of the parish of M黨leberg.
  13. The construction of the abbey church took from 1226 to 1514.
  14. In 1131, the foundation stone of the abbey church was laid.
  15. He is buried at Valle Crucis Abbey in the Abbey Church.
  16. The Abbey church became the burial place of the dynasty of Merovingian Kings.
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