abbey ale in a sentence

  1. Blue Moon offers Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale during the winter season.
  2. The name was changed to " Mountain Abbey Ale " in 2012.
  3. In fact, with Belgium's heritage of abbey ales, it is brewing's holy land.
  4. Chalices and goblets are large, stemmed, bowl-shaped glasses mainly associated with Trappist and Abbey ales.
  5. Among others the Esrum Abbey Ale with inspiration from beer brewed in the Danish Esrum Abbey which was released in the autumn of 2004.
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  7. New Belgium Brewing Co . in Fort Collins, Colo ., is best known for Fat Tire, but also for Abbey Ale and Tripple.
  8. Blue Moon released a revamped and renamed set of seasonal beers starting with the "'Winter Abbey Ale "', in 2010.
  9. Brewery Ommegang, named for a pageant Feinberg and Littlefield witnessed in Belgium, began producing a Belgian-style abbey ale less than two months ago.
  10. This delightful, innovative brewery is responsible for the delicious Fat Tire Ale and Abbey Ale, both previously ( and positively ) reviewed in these pages.
  11. Bath has lent its name to one other distinctive recipe  " Bath Olivers "  a dry baked biscuit invented by Dr William Oliver, physician to the Abbey Ales are brewed in the city.
  12. More flavorful was Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale, a brand run by Bavaria but brewed by the Koningshoeven Brewery, formerly a Trappist Order enterprise, which produces La Trappe, the only line of Netherlands abbey ale.
  13. Blue Moon beer is around $ 6 a six-pack for Abbey Ale, Nut Brown Ale and Belgian White, or, for more traditional tastes, Labatt Blue, a Canadian Pilsner, for a little more than $ 5.
  14. Notable wins for beers that " are " found in our market : New Belgium's Abbey Ale, gold for Belgian abbey style; Cave-Aged Hennepin, gold for Belgian-style saison; PyramidHefeweizen, gold for American hefeweizen, or yeast wheat beer; Pyramid Porter, bronze for brown porter; Sierra Nevada Summerfest, bronze in German-style pilsener; Avery India Pale Ale, gold for strong pale ale; Avery Hog Heaven, silver for imperial / double red ale; Celis White, bronze for Belgian white; and Rogue's Morimoto Soba Ale, silver in the specialty category.
  15. The beers offer something for everyone : complex, malty, lightly hopped Trappist ales, so called because they are made in Trappist monasteries; abbey ales, which are patterned after the Trappist ales but are brewed in secular breweries; slightly sour, lightly hopped lambics, brewed in open vessels to allow fermentation with airborne yeast, aged in wooden casks, and often flavored with macerated fruit ( krieks and framboises are perhaps the best known of these ); malty, slightly sour Flanders brown ales; and witbiers ( Belgian wheat beers ), with a distinctive fruity, spicy flavor that comes from special yeast strains, wheat, coriander, and Curacao orange peel.

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