aaron cross in a sentence

  1. Is it a parallel programme to treadstone that Aaron Cross was in?
  2. And were Noah Vosen and Pamela Landy linked to Aaron Cross in any way?
  3. It stars Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross.
  4. One example is the film The Bourne Legacy which follows character Aaron Cross, alongside character Jason Bourne, instead.
  5. Renner played a new lead character, Aaron Cross, in place of Jason Bourne, who was played by Matt Damon in the first three films.
  6. It's difficult to find aaron cross in a sentence.
  7. In " The Bourne Legacy ", Aaron Cross is a member of a black ops program called Operation Outcome whose subjects are genetically enhanced.
  8. IBM's public policy director, Aaron Cross, said the key issue of any agreement isn't tariff reduction but access to new technology for developing countries.
  9. Aaron Cross, IBM's public policy director and co-chairman of the industry lobbying coalition, said the agreement needed " Malaysia and a few more " countries.
  10. Mobly's former roommate, Aaron Cross, is serving two life terms for the rape of the 17-year-old, who said she met the men after receiving unsolicited e-mails.
  11. From two marriages, he had four sons, Shane Michael Cross, Clifton Lance Cross, Ryan Michael Cross, and Matthew Aaron Cross, and two daughters, Lauren Adrianne Cross and Christen Joanna Cross.
  12. Mobly's former roommate, Aaron Cross, is serving two consecutive life terms for the rape of the 17-year-old victim, who said she met the men after receiving unsolicited e-mails.
  13. As a result, the film focuses on the fallout in the intelligence community from Bourne's actions in " Ultimatum " . " Legacy " features Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, an operative in a different clandestine program evolved from Treadstone.
  14. Damon chose not to return for the fourth film, " The Bourne Legacy ", which introduces a new main character, Aaron Cross ( Jeremy Renner ), a Department of Defense operative who runs for his life because of Bourne's actions in " Ultimatum ".
  15. I was only supposed to come in for two weeks, but the character we came up with, Aaron Cross, was so compelling . " After watching " The Bourne Ultimatum " again, Gilroy called his brother, screenwriter Dan Gilroy, and said, The only thing you could do is sort of pull back the curtain and say there's a much bigger conspiracy .'So we had to deal with what happened in " Ultimatum " as the starting point of this film . " Ultimatum " plays in the shadows of " Legacy " for the first 15 minutes they overlap ."

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