aaron craver in a sentence

  1. Collins hit Aaron Craver with a four-yarder for the score.
  2. Aaron Craver noticed something very different about his new team during the 1995 season.
  3. Aaron Craver, Billy Milner, Sammie Smith.
  4. And ex-Broncos fullback Aaron Craver.
  5. Davis and Aaron Craver ran 12 of the plays, and Elway threw two 8-yard completions.
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  7. Maddox, who was on three Super Bowl teams at Buffalo, stuffed Aaron Craver for no gain.
  8. Gilbride is also bringing in backs, like Denver's Aaron Craver and Baltimore's Carwell Gardner.
  9. The Dolphins waived Aaron Craver to make room for Gary, who was needed because of injuries to running backs Terry Kirby and Irving Spikes.
  10. Against the Cowboys, 1997 third-round draft choice Troy Davis started at running back, and Aaron Craver was the up-back.
  11. Running back Aaron Craver led the team with eight carries for 72 yards, including a 25-yard touchdown burst in the fourth quarter.
  12. Elway faked the handoff to Davis, rolled to his right and threw to fullback Aaron Craver, who was pushed back by linebacker Jeff Brady.
  13. They are packing a punch in the run department as well, leading the league with an average 190 yards rushing behind the running of Terrell Davis and Aaron Craver.
  14. Miami quarterback Dan Marino picked on Kansas City linebackers Tracy Simien and Tracy Rogers, throwing the ball with great success to running backs Aaron Craver, James Saxon and Bernie Parmalee.
  15. Aaron Craver picked up 28 on a run through a hole, and Shannon Sharpe, shadowed by Victor Green, caught a 13-yard pass from Elway for the score.
  16. The San Diego Chargers agreed to a one-year contract with unrestricted free-agent fullback Aaron Craver, who spent the last two years as a starter for the Denver Broncos.
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