aaron craft in a sentence

  1. Dick Vitale selected McGary and Aaron Craft for his All-Solid Gold preseason first team.
  2. Drew Crawford and Tim Frazier earned their fourth Academic All-B1G recognitions, while Aaron Craft earned his third.
  3. Sullinger, Aaron Craft, Jereme Richmond and Tim Hardaway, Jr . were among the 21 players selected to the 2011 Collegeinsider . com Freshmen All-America team.
  4. Hyde was also a standout baseball player growing up and won a USSSA State Championship in 2003 as a member of the Findlay Explosion, a team that also included Aaron Craft.
  5. Because he was a year younger, he was unable to compete with Sullinger in AAU competition, and Sullinger became an AAU teammate of point guard Aaron Craft . By the end of the summer Burke got his first scholarship offer, from Akron.
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  7. Butler set the career records in assists ( 579 ) and games played ( 139 ) at Ohio State . ( His assists record has since been eclipsed by Aaron Craft . ) He is also twenty-third all-time in scoring, with 1, 313 points.

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