aaron cox in a sentence

  1. Aaron Cox figures one car lasts him as long as two or three for his former NFL teammates.
  2. In addition to his farm, Aaron Cox had an interest in politics and served as Noblesville's postmaster.
  3. Cox's father, Aaron Cox, was an Ohio farmer who moved to Hamilton County, Indiana, in 1850.
  4. The crash resulted in the fatalities of the aircraft's two pilots, Jessica Conkling, 27, and Aaron Cox, 26.
  5. Allowing Terry Glenn, every bit the sure-handed receiver that Aaron Cox was, more room than someone as fast and acrobatic as Glenn deserves.
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  7. The team's statistical leaders included Daniel Ford with 1, 756 passing yards, Darryl Harris with 948 rushing yards, and Aaron Cox with 870 receiving yards.
  8. The team's statistical leaders included Jeff Van Raaphorst with 2, 200 passing yards, Mike Crawford with 684 rushing yards, and Aaron Cox with 788 receiving yards.
  9. These were the all-Pac-10 wide-outs from 1987 to 1989 : Aaron Cox, Derek Hill, Erik Affholter, Robb Thomas, John Jackson and Ron Fair.
  10. And all have been much more successful than some other first-rounders : Rickey Dixon, Dave Cadigan, Eric Moore, Green, Eric Kumerow, Aaron Jones, Aaron Cox, Clifford Charlton and Ted Gregory.
  11. ws CatchesYardsTDs Sterling Sharpe li 55 791 1 Tim Brown li 43 725 5 Anthony Miller li 36 526 3 Michael Irvin li 32 654 5 Aaron Cox li 28 590 5 Wendell Davis li 15 220 0 Totals ws 209 3, 506 19'96 projection ws 270 3, 472 22 _ __
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