aaron copeland in a sentence

  1. The piece premiered in 1944, set to music by Aaron Copeland.
  2. Americans who have been sponsored abroad include author John Updike, Harvard University President Derek Bok and composer Aaron Copeland.
  3. Ferreras was married to Aaron Copeland in 2015 at a ceremony officiated by Mayor Bill de Blasio at City Hall.
  4. His work as a musician drew attention from relevant figures such as Wilhelm Furtw鋘gler, Aaron Copeland and Juan Jos?Castro.
  5. Having a small tape recorder playing Aaron Copeland's " Appalachian Spring " in my earphones didn't hurt.
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  7. At the center of this group stand Hartley, Alabama and Robert Gustafson, an aspiring composer _ he has caught the eye of the famous Aaron Copeland.
  8. Aaron Copeland's " Simple Gifts " and " Appalachian Spring, " and Samuel Barber's " Medea ."
  9. In addition, the commercials feature familiar trademarks from previous beef industry spots including the signature voice of the actor Sam Elliott and music by the composer Aaron Copeland.
  10. I hope someday he will be accepted in the company of great American creators such as Stephen Foster, Charles Ives, Scott Joplin, Aaron Copeland and Leonard Bernstein.
  11. The hall's musical achievements are many : The BSO's Serge Koussevitzky, for instance, was one of the first to discover the genius of Aaron Copeland and Leonard Bernstein.
  12. Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, accompanied by their families, were introduced to the crowd to the strains of Aaron Copeland's " The Fanfare for the Common Man ."
  13. Sylvia Plath, Milton Avery, Hannah Arendt, Meyer Schapiro, Philip Guston, Aaron Copeland, Virgil Thompson and Philip Roth are just a few of the artists who spent time at Yaddo.
  14. On Nov . 29 and 30, Michael Tilson Thomas will conduct a Russian program, with works by Glinka, Shostakovich and Prokofiev; the finale will feature Aaron Copeland's " Salon Mexico ."
  15. The mezzo-soprano, whose stepdaughter was one of Saturday's 89 graduates, sang " Simple Gifts " by Aaron Copeland and " I Shall Not Live in Vain, " arranged by her composer friend Jake Heggie.
  16. Rather than functioning as an upscale jam session _ a sort of Traveling Wilburys in black tie _ " Appalachian Waltz " aims at creating a lasting body of pop-classical cross-pollinations, reminiscent of the enduring works of Aaron Copeland and the Gershwins.
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