aaron cook in a sentence

  1. Doubront entered the Aaron Cook and Alfredo Aceves in spring training.
  2. Aaron Cook ( 0-1 ) took the loss.
  3. Aaron Cook ( 1-3 ) took the loss.
  4. Jim Tracy and Aaron Cook attended rival high schools in Hamilton, Ohio.
  5. On September 28, 2012, he hit his first career Aaron Cook.
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  7. Rockies starter Aaron Cook left in the third inning because he felt lightheaded and dizzy.
  8. Pokey Reese hit a two-run single off Aaron Cook ( 1-2 ).
  9. In addition to Jennings, though, young pitchers Shawn Chac髇 and Aaron Cook showed promise.
  10. Rookie Aaron Cook ( 2-1 ) allowed three runs and seven hits in six innings.
  11. 2008 NLCS and World Series MVP Cole Hamels faced Rockies'starter Aaron Cook in Game 2.
  12. Brandon managed an intensive full-in Back out while Aaron Cook took the day with combos.
  13. Dave Concepcion's World team scored five runs in the third inning off Colorado prospect Aaron Cook.
  14. He was surpassed in wins by a Rockies pitcher on June 23, 2009 by former teammate Aaron Cook.
  15. "Look at what those eight people did, " said Aaron Cook, 24, a Tulsa student.
  16. "His attitude is really good, " said Aaron Cook, a freshman at Montrose and Vogel's cousin.
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