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  1. The network recently hired Aaron Brown from ABC to anchor that effort.
  2. CNN also signed Aaron Brown away from his late-night newscast at ABC.
  3. Also starring Jayne Brook, Lynne Thigpen, Roger Aaron Brown and Justin Theroux.
  4. Aaron Brown, also newly hired at CNN, is Zahn's male counterpart.
  5. Featuring : Patrick Swayze, Oliver Platt, Roger Aaron Brown, Nick Stahl
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  7. AARON BROWN _ Born Dec . 23, 1883, in Fulton, Missouri.
  8. The new prime-time anchor Aaron Brown became the central figure in CNN's live coverage.
  9. Aaron Brown has risen to the challenge anchoring CNN's coverage.
  10. The stars : Frankie Muniz, Rick Rossovich, Molly Hagan, Patrick Levis, Roger Aaron Brown.
  11. And I don't see CNN unzipping Aaron Brown's pants ."
  12. Roger Aaron Brown, as John Henry, is the most imposing of the story's supermen.
  13. Lou Dobbs is going to Washington, Aaron Brown to Seattle, Judy Woodruff to Philadelphia.
  14. "The whole thing was chilling, " commented CNN's Aaron Brown.
  15. His opponent was once again Aaron Brown, who had been elected governor in 1845.
  16. Aaron Brown, and how the studios are handling twin-tower shots in films just coming out.
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