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  1. Byrd is expected to start the season at Class AAA Norfolk.
  2. He spent the summer in Rochester, back in Class AAA.
  3. Some 6 percent of its bonds are rated ` AAA .'
  4. Acevedo will report to the Mets'Class AAA Norfolk affiliate.
  5. Of course, Strawberry is more than a Class AAA callup.
  6. It's difficult to find aaa in a sentence.
  7. "The ` AAA'is just critical ."
  8. Ordonez is trying to make the jump from Class AAA Norfolk.
  9. We predicted he'd be in Class AAA this year.
  10. Juan Acevedo appears headed for Class AAA Norfolk for more polishing.
  11. French government debt carries a " AAA " rating.
  12. Both the U . S . and Germany have Aaa ratings.
  13. Jack Morris agreed to make one start for Class AAA Columbus.
  14. We asked AAA to retract its statement and it would not.
  15. Menhart passed through waivers and was sent to Class AAA Tacoma.
  16. Moody's rated the notes " Aaa ."
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