a written will in a sentence

"a written will" in Chinese  
  1. Those defending the article as written will find their position tenuous in an objective forum.
  2. Amendment 13 as written will mean the end of hundreds of small fishing businesses in New England.
  3. His plan as written will not pass,
  4. He had left a written will bequeathing his assets to his children and Annie and designating his brother Jorak as executor.
  5. US Representative Martin T . Meehan, a Democrat from Lowell, suspects the settlement as written will actually strengthen the tobacco companies.
  6. It's difficult to find a written will in a sentence.
  7. It is not clear if Arafat has left a written will, and Sabri, the mufti, said he was not aware of one.
  8. Britain, Spain and others seek amendments fearing the charter as written will either undermine national sovereignty or give too much power to the large EU states.
  9. His brother had left a written will stating that Masachika was to be heir; however, Mitsumichi had an illegitimate son by the name of Matsudaira Masakatsu, and so a succession dispute arose.
  10. For example, if a testator states in the will that he has recited to a third party the intended disposition of testamentary assets, such attempt to circumvent the requirements of a written will is void.
  11. Or will it simply contain a reference to the method in MyAbstractClass where the method is defined ? ( Yes, I know the variable log is uninitialised and thus the code as written will crash.
  12. But with only a slim majority in the House and nowhere near enough votes to force their will on the White House, House Republicans hold few illusions the tax bill as written will actually become law.
  13. In the following year, the courts ruled that the club had no formal claim to the property due to the club's unincorporated status at that time, combined with the lack of a written will or agreement regarding Manuel's wishes.
  14. Section 21 provides that a written will in personal property may not be repealed or altered orally except if it is put in writing during the life of the testator and read to him and allowed by him and proven by at least three witnesses.
  15. She died without a written will, so her vast landholdings, including much of the original private lands of her mother and Queen Ka?ahumanu, were inherited by her father and eventually passed to her half-sister KeelikMlani who willed them to Bernice Pauahi Bishop and where they became part of the Kamehameha Schools.

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