a useful lesson in a sentence

"a useful lesson" in Chinese  
  1. "This serves as a useful lesson for ordinary people, " he said.
  2. A pity, since the governor could teach the Feds a useful lesson.
  3. I hope this is a useful lesson to someone, possibly me!
  4. The stranger loses his money, and is taught a useful lesson.
  5. They may also get a useful lesson in how wrong it is to be prejudiced.
  6. It's difficult to find a useful lesson in a sentence.
  7. But if nothing else, the jock kingdom has learned a useful lesson in the Big Johnny controversy.
  8. However, he said the experience of losing to Senegal and Denmark had given the French team a useful lesson.
  9. This " vandalism " does no long-term harm and maybe does some long-term good by teaching students a useful lesson.
  10. Saddam's fall would also provide a useful lesson to would-be weapons-of-mass-destruction proliferators, both in faraway North Korea and in nearby Iran.
  11. That is always a useful lesson for anyone, of any age, caught in the room of Funhouse Mirrors that is Massachusetts politics.
  12. But to give the Brawley trial its due, it has provided a useful lesson or two, especially about the meaning of truth.
  13. Baseball, Giuliani's beloved sport, provides a useful lesson, even if it involves the Boston Red Sox and not his cherished New York Yankees.
  14. A useful lesson but the way s / he is teaching it is by temporarily adding false information to the Communication article's References.
  15. Bush, who has been speaking in public about this rationale for signing, may have learned a useful lesson about the limits of unilateralism.
  16. In the charge toward e-commerce revenues, ABC learned a useful lesson last week : Don't try to sell cuddly rag dolls depicting homicidal rapists.
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